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Welcome to the Pathfinder Science Community!

Pathfinder Science participants (teachers and students) are very interested in interacting with mentors from business and research institutions. It is important for students to see how research skills are used in real-world settings. Mentors from the community can provide this valuable context. This mentoring can occur in different ways, face to face meetings or telementoring over the Internet using the tools of e-mail and the world wide web, with KanCRN teachers serving as the primary contacts for the mentors. It is not the intent of KanCRN to overly burden mentors with unwanted responsibilities associated with many face to face meetings, therefore electronic communication is the main tool for working with students.

The role of the Pathfinder Science telementor is to support and encourage students in their attempts to conduct research. Mentors can supply students with ideas and feedback. They can assist teachers in the design of experimental activities promoting understanding in the area of research. They can provide valuable "expert" information and help students to understand concepts. They can provide thought provoking questions. Care must be taken by mentors not to discourage young researchers who may not have well developed research techniques. While honest and helpful criticisim is needed it should be coupled with supportive comments and helpful suggestions.

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