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[Keeping An Eye on Ozone]


Many resources are available online via the Explorer database to supplement ground level ozone research. We have provided a sampling below, but strongly encourage you to conduct your own search of the Explorer by entering ozone or another descriptive word(s) in the box below. Click on search.

   Ozone Depletion Unit Plan
   Monitoring Ozone from the Classroom
   Ozone Layer Graphics Series
   Atmospheric Chemistry: Cause Effect

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The strenght of any community lies within the contributions of its membership. KanCRN and the Explorer database are no different. As a member of the KanCRN community of educators, we would ask you to help strenghten our community by contributing resourc es related our research areas. These resources can range from lesson plans, to field trip sites and include any valuable teaching tools. Putting these tools online helps everyone share in ideas that work!

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