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The US Department of Education PathFinder Science first appeared as a 1998 US Department of Education Technology Innovation Challenge Grant. [more]

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North American Lichen Mapping
Come join in this award-winning project as we map the lichens across the country. The Lichen project is the focus for student-scientists partnerships this month. Join us now as we continue to map Lichens across North America!

Take online high school courses at Excel High School

Online Homeschool High School from Northgate Academy

Lichens and SO2
Help us explore the environmental impacts of Sulfur Dioxide by studying the density and diversity of lichens
Keeping An Eye on Ozone
Check out your local Ground Level Ozone readings with Ecobadges and Milkweed plants.
Green Clean
The abundant use of perchloroethlyene in Dry Cleaning have serious health and ecological effects. Join us to contribute information about the dry cleaning in your area
Help us investigate the link between the sun's harmful UVB rays and cell damage.
Stream Monitoring
Join in the fun of testing your nearby creek with chemical, biological, and visual surveys.
Winter Bird Survey
Join thousands of citizens and schools for this annual survey of winter birds visiting school and home feeders.
Global Warming
Carbon Dioxide is considered to be the primary compound of the Green House Gases. Help us track the changes in these gases by counting the stomata of leafs.

Art and Painting - Impressionism
Learn more about this unique art, the painters (Impressionists) and its history.

How does your cookie crumble?
Help us decide which commercial cookie brands hold up the best!
Out! Darn Spot!
The Project Director has spilled mustard on his shirt and he needs your help to get it out.
Digital Monarch Watch
As the digital branch of the Monarch Watch we collect your butterfly data online.
See the tiny "water-bears" of moss and lichen. They'll amaze you!
Cultural Migration
Join us in the study of a historical immigration.
Amphibian Biomonitoring
We're using amphibians to help determine the effects of environmental pollutants
Driving Me Crazy
How fast are those cars really going? Help us take a speeder count in your neighborhood.
Particulate Monitoring
Come help us assess air quality by examining the contents of the air you breath.
Construction Function
Take a look with us at basic building principles and design.
Help us bring in spring each year as the "green wave" passes across the US.
Network Schools
The interactive maps are available for data analysis in Stream Monitoring, UVB, and the Winter Bird Survey. Be sure to check out our schools map, indicating all the collaborating schools in the Project.
Interactive Schools Map

KC Science INC

KC Science INC, is a partnership of KCPT Public Television, Johnson County Library, Science City at Union Station, Pathfinder Science and Science Pioneers, focused on promoting science-related events, encouraging interest in science, advocating for science-based careers and inspiring natural curiosity throughout the community.

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