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   "How Does Your Cookie Crumble?"      
the KanCRN Collaborative Research Network

Legend tells us that Ruth Wakefield invented chocolate chip cookies by mistake. There are several versions of the story, but the one that is the most popular says that Ruth Wakefield was baking butter cookies at her Toll House Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts.

She realized that she was out of baker's chocolate so she cut into small pieces of a bar of semi-sweet chocolate that she had gotten from Andrew Nestle. She expected the chocolate to melt throughout the cookie. Instead, the chocolate stayed in its shape. Ruth's Toll House cookies became a hit. Eventually, the Nestle company produced chocolate in small pieces that we know today as chocolate chips. Nestle also made a deal with Mrs. Wakefield to print her recipe on every package of chocolate chips. Today, chocolate chip cookies are the biggest selling cookie in the United States. They are so popular that you can buy the cookie dough ready to be sliced and baked. Even though Nestle Toll House was the original chocolate chip cookie, is the slice and bake version the best you can buy? Or, is Pillsbury or the private label brands better? Click on the start to find out.


We want to find out which brand of cookie you like the best.

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