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Image Gallery Upload

PathFinder Science is now supporting image uploads to extend data collected within projects. Images can be uploaded in two ways:
  1. Immediately after submitting data within a project, an image upload is provided
  2. Images can be uploaded below, if they pertain to a project. Note that images uploaded below are not linked to a specific data sampling or recording event. As such, please contribute location, date, and other relevant information in the comments box below.
Directions for uploading:
Press the "Browse" button to look for the file on your computer. Select the file you wish to upload and press the "Open" or "Save" button (varies with browsers). This should insert a line of text in small web window, such as (C:\desktop\me.jpg). Press the "Upload...." button to send the file to the server. Please be patient as this process may take several seconds during times of high usage.

  1. Image File:
  2. PathFinder Teacher/User ID:
  3. PathFinder Project:
  4. Additional comments about this image:

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