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Development Opportunities

PathFinder Science offers a number of intensive, hands-on workshops in technology and science education designed to support your work with students. Studies by Haycock (1998) and Wenglinsky (2000) affirm that professional development can be a useful tool for improving teaching quality and student achievement when teacher learning activities are closely tied to actual classroom practices. Teachers, like students, best learn science and mathematics by doing science and mathematics, by investigating for themselves and building their own understanding, as opposed to being required to memorize what is "already known."

Pathfinder Science professional development for teachers is driven by a clear, well-defined vision of effective classroom learning and teaching. Instructional methods to promote learning for teachers mirror the methods to be used with students. These methods provide teachers with opportunities to develop knowledge and skills that broaden their teaching approaches and range of instructional tools, so they can create broader range of learning opportunities for students.

Browse the listings below to find a course that meets your needs. Scheduling and class structure is highly flexible. Project classes can be delivered with lecture and demonstration for up to 100 or more teachers. The suggested number of 25 allows for a hands-on workshop in a computer lab! The technology workshops are limited to 25 participants and are designed to be hands-on.

We will meet your instructional needs. Contact us today for more information or to confirm a potential date.

Dr. Steven B. Case
Pathfinder Science L.L.C.
(913) 488-8787

  + General Technology
   *  Email is for Everyone
   *  Comfort living on the Internet
   *  NIH Image Processing
   *  Get Inspired with Inspiration
   *  Quick and Practical Uses for Spreadsheets
   *  You have a Spreadsheet…Now What?

  + GIS
   *  Internet-based and traditional maps for classroom data exploration
   *  Digital and traditional paper maps for classroom data exploration
   *  Global Positioning Systems (GPS) for classrooms
    Introduction to ArcView GIS
    Extending ArcView GIS
   *  Project Based Learning and GIS

  + Pedagogy
    How to Manage a Research-based Classroom
   *  Project-based learning and scientific inquiry
   *  Project Development: On Becoming a Curriculum Developer

  + Projects-Atmo
   *  Ground Level Ozone
    Sulfur Dioxide and Lichens
   *  Ultraviolet Light and Yeast
   *  Global Warming with Stomata Densities

  + Projects-Bio
   *  Monarch Watch
   *  Amphibian Biomonitoring
   *  The Winter Bird Feeder Survey
   *  Tardigrades
   *  Phenology

  + Projects-Elem
   *  How Does Your Cookie Crumble?
   *  Natural Dyes and Stain Removal
   *  Construction Function

  + Projects-Social Studies
   *  African American Immigration
   *  Driving Me Crazy

  + Projects-Water
   *  Stream Monitoring Basics

Fees are based on classes with up to 25 participants. The workshop fee include the trainer, trainer expenses and travel, materials, and software for use during the workshop. The workshops are designed to take place at your facility. There is an increase in fee for travel expense outside of the Greater Kansas City Area and for travel outside of the continental United States.

   Indicates the most popular workshops.

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