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Web Based Literature, Discussion and Papers about Mentor and Telementoring Experiences

Telementoring in the CoVis Project - http://www.covis.nwu.edu/Geosciences/philosophy/telementoring.html

General descriptions of "mentoring" and "telementoring" roles in conjunction with suggested mentor-student exchanges can be found. Additionally, a narrative of the advantages and disadvantages of being involved as a mentor in programs like KanCRN are found here.

The National Schools Network -http://nsn.bbn.com

Within this site, one can find an ongoing discussion of telementoring, a summary of NSN Telementoring Conference, and other WWW resources. Finally, NSN hosts the "Modern Adventures in Telementoring", a place designed to share experiences of telementoring.

Telementoring Research Paper - http://mentor.creighton.edu/htm/telement.htm
An Examination of the Potential for an Educational Network, David J. Wighton, Ph.D. Research Coordinator Education Technology Centre of B. C. May, 1993.


This paper is a report on a number of explorations that have been conducted into the potential use of telementoring within an educational telecommunications network. First, a description of the teacher mentoring role will be given, the word -telementoring will be defined, and the initial idea of electronic mentoring that provided the stimulus for the paper will be described. This will be followed by a review of the mentoring literature that has some applicability to that idea. The final part of the paper will outline some of the lessons from other types of mentoring programs that could be applied to a telementoring program within an educational telecommunications network.

Hewlett Packard Mentor Program - http://mentor.external.hp.com/information/resource.html

This page provides an ever-growing index to all information resources for the HP E-mail mentor program. We will continue to add resources that promote successful mentor relationships with HP employees.

EDC/CCT Telementoring Project - http://www.edc.org/CCT/telementoring/docs/resources.html

The menu of resources supplied here is intended as a support directory for Telementoring participants.

Mentoring - Telementoring - http://mbhs.bergtraum.k12.ny.us/mentor/index.html

An overview of telementoring, including examples, guidelines, general technology needs for implementation, and more. Sponsered by the Murry Bergtraum High School.

The Mentoring Page - http://www.nwlink.com/~donclark/hrd/mentor.html

This site outlines traits of a good mentor, business mentoring, guidelines for starting mentoring programs, and other mentoring sites.

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