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   Particulate Monitoring Guided Research: Conclusion     
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"We do not construct the world from our experiences; we are aware of the world in our experiences. Science is a language for talking not about experience but about the world."

You should be able to differentiate the description of ground-level ozone from your explanation of the relationship between temperature and ozone. Is there a causes and effect relationship between day time high temperature and the level of ground-le vel ozone? How can you convince others of this relationship, based on evidence you have developed and on logical argument. Think critically about evidence and decide what evidence should be used and accounting for anything unusal. The more lines of evi dence you have to support your conclusion, the stronger your case is. This experiment was set up to test a hypothesis.

H0: There is no measurable relationship between the high temperature of the day and the level of ground-level ozone.

H1: There is a measurable relationship between the high temperature of the day and the level of ground-level ozone.

What can you say about these two alternative explainations of what goes on in the natural world? Did you test them? What else can you include to support your explaination.

As you have thought about your information, you may have come up with some conclusions related to the ozone research question in this tutorial. Your conclusion should be added to this list of conclusion papers. You add your conclusion and your comments below. You may also click on a link to read or respond to a other research conclusions posted here.

Submitting Your Conclusions

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