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"Creating Student Scientists, not just science students."

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The Pathfinder Science Teachers' Corner is a support area for individuals involved in the Pathfinder Science Collaborative Research projects. Pathfinder Science is committed to "inquiry as basic to education and as a controlling principle in the organization and selection of students' activities." (NRC,1996)

for teachers new to pathfinder science
  • Getting Started in Pathfinder Science - First Timers!
    This is the place to go if you want specific directions on how to register your school with the Pathfinder Science. Registration is free, but necessary for full student participation. Step by Step directions will take you through the simple process.
  • Teacher Registration Form
    As a classroom teacher, accessing the full potential of Pathfinder Science, the website resources, and collaborators is only possible when you register. The registration process typically takes less then 2 minutes, is free, and allows you full access to the Pathfinder Science student-collected databases and teacher assessment tools.

featured pathfinder science web tools
  • The Annals: Student Publication Area
    If you're looking for a venue where students can publish their research, visit the Annals! The area allows students to create an account, create/edit a paper, and request publication. Student science fair papers or other scientific writings are welcome.

  • The Pathfinder Science Research Model: A developer's perspective
    Often the best way to learn about something is to actually do it! This explanation will describe the critical elements of the Pathfinder Science double Vee research model. It is intended to assist teachers who want to create their own project-based learning (scientific inquiry) projects and those who want to better understand the organization of existing projects.
  • Pathfinder Science Links
    Over 300 of the best science and science education resources the Internet has to offer are now even easier to access with the new Science Links area. Not only is the area completely searchable and browsable, but many links even contain a detailed description of the projects.
  • Digital Mapping tools
    Helping students look for patterns in nature isn't always easy. In fact, many times it's downright challenging! At Pathfinder Science, we've implemented many tools for pattern-seeking, but the most popular are digital maps (or GIS). Come explore our online and desktop mapping applications, tutorials, lessons, and weblinks.

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