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Enter data below for the Ecobadges, Schoenbein Paper Test, or Milkweed Damage. Check your data - make sure you followed the protocol and that you have all of the data you need in the right units - and complete the form.

You will be asked to review your data one last time before it is entered into the data base. If everything is correct, send it on.

Email or Userid (help):
Password: (Lost it?)
Sampling date: (Oct 31, 07)
Milkweed Damage [more info]
Plant Number (1 through 10):
Leaf Damage Code:
      (Estimation Procedure) Code = % of leaf area injured       
NIH Image or ArcView IA Measured Percentage
Ecobadge and Schoenbein Readings [more info]
8 Hour Average Ecobadge Reading: ppb
One Hour Ecobadge Reading ppb
8 Hour Schoenbein Paper Test Reading ppb

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