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   Out, darn Spot! Guided Research: Results of Study     
the KanCRN Collaborative Research Network


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In this research project, we are sharing a large amount of data. You can ask to see all of the data or choose to see just certain portions of it. Before you mark the areas of data you want to view, you need to identify which areas will help in answering the research question.

You may want to look at the data from just one school.
You may want to look at data from methods only.
Maybe, you want to see the data collected from the different brand of detergents used.
Perhaps, you want to see the dates the data was entered.

If this is your first time using this page and you want to use the data to answer our research question, you may need some help. Once you've decided on which data you want to view, you can collect by completing the form below:

Enter the number of the school, whose data you would like to see. To find out a school's number go to the KanCRN schools. If you would like to see everyone's data, leave "School ID" blank.

After you have clicked in the box in front of each kind of data you want to view and decided what type of table you want to use, click on the View Data button. In a few seconds, the data you asked for will come up in a table.

Data format:
    Comma-spaced text file
   Excel Spreadsheet

School ID:
Which method of test would you like to view?
      Solvents to get:
      Methods to get:

By clicking on the boxes in front of the type of data you can select which data you want to view.
      Mustard Brand
      Grape Mix
      Solvent Brand
      Mustard Stain
      Mustard Color Loss
      Grape Kool Aid
      Kool-Aid Color Loss
      Washed-Only: Mustard Stain Score
      Washed-Only: Color Loss Mustard
      Washed-Only: Kool-Aid Stain Score
      Washed-Only: Color Loss Kool-Aid
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