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Our Newest Teachers
   Adler (10/23)
   Cleveland (10/28)
   Strain (10/29)
   Lentz (10/29)
   Scholl (10/30)

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"Creating Student Scientists, not just science students."

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KanCRN Supporters

The following list is comprised of organizations who lend their support to the Kansas Collaborative Research Network. Their involvement, support and continued efforts assist in the cultivation of KanCRN.

U.S Department of Education -Technology Innovation Challenge Grants

SCR*TEC -South Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium

ESRI -Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc

SBC -Foundation Kansas Community Enrichment Program

Access Excellence -From Genentech Inc.

Safe Software -Provide innovative standards-based solutions to spatial data interchange, archival, and retrieval problems, making use of leading-edge software technologies.

KATS -Kansas Association of Teachers of Science

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