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Tuesday March 23, 1999

Getting Started with Pathfinder Science
Register with Pathfinder Science today!

The Pathfinder Science Network is a community of people interested in doing research. In order for you and your students to become an active members of the community, you need to register your classroom. There is no cost associated with your registration but your registration is very important to facilitate communication in this research community. It also enables you to upload your data and student work. To register, you must have Internet access and an email account. Your access can be from home, school, or in any way that you get access to the internet.

TECH TIP:Using the latest version of your web browsers will help make several help features in the site work better for you. The site is designed to function with Internet Explorer.

This address, http://pathfinderscience.net, is called a URL or Universal Resource Locator. The URL is the address for a web site and allows you to find sites on the World Wide Web. Once you are on the Pathfinder Science web page you will find several options. The first page you see is designed for our student researchers. You are welcome to explore any of these projects that you might be interested in. Click on the maroon colored Teachers Tab near the top of the page. On the upper black bar of the Pathfinder Science web pages are several links. These links will help you find your way around the web site.

The Teacher's Tab, or the teacher's link in the black bar on the top of the page will take you to the Teacher's Corner. This is a dynamic area with lots of information for teachers about the project and our teaching tools. On the Teacher's Corner page there is a link to the registration form. There is also a link on the left side of the page is a link to register or you can use this register link. Any of these links will take you to an online form for registration. Record all of the information requested in the boxes on the page. You can move between the boxes by using the tab key, or by using the mouse and clicking in the box.

When you submit your information, you will be asked to check it over. Please review it and if it looks right, send your registration on to the database. You will not be registered until you submit this review page and receive the confirmation page. The confirmation page will have your Teacher ID number, your password, and a data submission password. Print this page out for later reference. These will be used to access and evaluate student work and upload data. Do not worry if you cannot print where you are, this page will also be mailed to your email account.

You can now participate fully in any of the projects that are of interest to you and your students. Each of the projects listed on the original front page you visited, has several support features which should be of interest to you and your students. Among these features are: downloadable data collected by schools, a description of experimental protocols for each project, a threaded discussion forum for each project, connections to mentors, and an area called "publish" in which students may enter the text and graphics of their research projects. We encourage all Pathfinder Science participants to bring their students to the site on a regular basis and to upload some data and their research projects during the year.

Please do not give the data submission password to students. This data submission password is different then the other one that was also assigned during registration and "datapass" is the only password that will work to upload data on all projects. Students may enter all the data on any of the projects but we are asking you to look it over before they send it in. The easy way to do this is to have them do their work and when they are ready to send data, walk over to the computer, check their data entry, type the password in the appropriate box, and hit the submit button at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for joining our research community!

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