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"Creating Student Scientists, not just science students."

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The Pathfinder Science Update Listserv

Pathfinder Science is a virtual community that inspires a passion for learning about the material world through science. The Collaborative Research community grew from an effort to fulfill the vision of national efforts to reform science and technology education. This listserv will provide period updates on the activities and opportunities of the Pathfinder Science community.

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    This is not the listserv for Pathfinder Science Teachers. The teacher listserv is designed to support K - 18 classroom teachers who are active in the Pathfinder Science community. The teacher's list is joined as a part of their registration process. This listserv is designed to provide the broader Pathfinder Science community with announcements, news, updates, and activity reports.

    Those wishing to become active participants in Pathfinder Science should register their school on the Pathfinder Science registration page. Forms are available by clicking on the REGISTRATION link on the left side of the page. The registration form will also join you to the teacher listserv.

    Because Pathfinder Science has a large membership we limit posting to try to keep the postings as substantive as possible so that we can maintain a favorable "signal-to-noise" ratio. Personal messages should be sent to the individual by private e-mail.

    If you change your email account or do not have an email account any more, please help us keep the list clean and unsubscribe your old address in the box above. You may also enter your new address in the box above to remain a part of the list.

    For information on the list, contact:

    Dr.Steven Case
    Pathfinder Science
    8311 Maple Lane
    Overland Park, KS 66207-1606

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