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   Amphibian Biomonitoring Guided Research: Results of Study     
the KanCRN Collaborative Research Network
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Use the form below to get a look at data on lichen coverage and tardigrade density and diversity. This is the data collected by the KanCRN participants. You can get the data back in several forms. You can get small sets of data back in a web table that you can see online. You can also get the data back as an Excel spreadsheet, but you must have Excel on your computer to view data in this manner. You can also get the data back in a tab-delimited file. This is raw data that you can use in any computer application that will import comma-delimited data, like some other spreadsheets.

    Data format:
        Comma-spaced text file
       Excel Spreadsheet

    Search on:
      School ID:
      Year: (98,99,etc)

    Display Columns:
      Blanchard's Cricket Frog
      Plains Spadefoot Toad
      Spotted Chorus Frog
      American Toad
      Streckers Chorus Frog
      Great Plains Toad
      Western Chorus Frog
      Western Green Toad
      Gray Treefrog
      Redspotted Toad
      Northern Spring Peeper
      Woodhouses Toad
      Northern Crawfish Frog
      Eastern Narrowmouth
      Plains Leopard Frog
      Green Frog
      Pickerel Frog
      Southern Leopard Frog

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