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   Amphibian Biomonitoring Guided Research: Data Submission     
the KanCRN Collaborative Research Network
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  Background Info
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  Results of Study
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Report a new sampling event below. Be sure that you have registered as a KanCRN teacher, prior to submitting data.
School ID:
Sample date:
Sample Time:
Use military time
2:00PM=14:00 hrs
Location:At school
   In the field at: Deg-Min-Sec
Lat:  °'" N S
Long:°'" E W
   In the field at: Decimal Notation
Lat:  N S
Long:E W

Frogs Toads
Acris crepitans blanchardi
(Blanchards Cricket Frog)
Scaphiopus bombifrons
(Plains Spadefoot Toad)
Pseudacris clarki
(Spotted Chorus Frog)
Bufo americanus
(American Toad)
Pseudacris s. streckeri
(Strecker's Chorus Frog)
Bufo cognatus
(Great Plains Toad)
Pseudacris t. triseriata
(Western Chorus Frog)
Bufo debilis insidior
(Western Green Toad)
Hyla chrysoscelis/versicolor
(Gray Treefrog)
Bufo punctatus
(Red-spotted Toad)
Hyla c. crucifer
(Northern Spring Peeper)
Bufo woodhousei
(Woodhouse's Toad)
Rana areolata circulosa
(Northern Crawfish Frog)
Gastrophryne carolinensis
(Eastern Narrowmouth Toad)
Rana blairi
(Plains Leopard Frog)
Gastrophryne olivacea
(Plains Narrowmouth Toad)
Rana catesbeiana
Rana clamitans melanota
(Green Frog)
Rana palustris
(Pickerel Frog)
Rana u. utricularia
(Southern Leopard Frog)
  1999, KanCRN Collaborative Research Network