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Biological Monitoring Research Methodology
[Biological Monitoring Background]

  1. Date:_____________________ Collector:___________________________

  2. Stream Name:________________________(city and/or county):___________________

  3. Landmarks and Description of Sampling Site:

  4. The sampling site is in(woods, meadow, yard, etc.):

  5. Weather Conditions This Date:

  6. Temperature of the Stream (Degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit):

  7. Width of Stream at Sampling Site (meter.centimeter):

  8. Depth of Stream Center at Sampling Site (meters.centimeter):

  9. Stream Flow: Swift    Moderate    Slow

  10. Are there fish in the stream? Yes    No

  11. Are there plants in the water? Yes    No

  12. Plants on stream bank: Trees   Grasses   Flowers    Shrubs     None

  13. The water is: Clear    Muddy    Cloudy     Oily

  14. Is there trash around or in the sampling site? Yes     No

  15. Describe the trash:

  16. Additional Observations:

Assessing the Stream's Health

Directions for Part One:

Directions for Part Two:
  1. Enter how many different types (not the number of each type) of macroinvertebrates you checked in each sensitivity group above.

  2. Multiply by the number in the table to get a group score.

  3. Add the three group scores.

  4. Look at the total score and circle the correct rating.
    Sensitivity GroupsNumber of TypesScoring Value Group Score
    Very Sensitive  3= 
    Somewhate Sensitive 2= 
    Not Sensitive 1= 
       Total Score= 

    ExcellentGood FairPoor
    (23 or more)(17 - 22) (11 - 16)(10 or less)

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