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This type of research is generally called historical research. Historical research is the fascinating study of peoples and events of the past and the uncovering of the stories that had their influence on how things are today. Historical research does not have to be about the famous. The events in the lives of common and unknown people are often the most fascinating.

The best way to collect this information is through inteview. As a researcher in this area,

It is very important to respect the individuals you are interviewing. You are asking them about personal information. Please be sensitive and do not pressure anyone to give you information. Please make it clear that they can chose not to participate. It is very important that each person you interview be told that the information they are sharing with you will be posted in the public database in this project.

In the interview, please fill in the information in the table below.

*Name of Immigrant            
Date of immigration (mm/yyyy)            
State immigrated to:             
County immigrated to:             
Age at immigration:             
Reason for immigration             

Email or Userid:
This is your Teacher's email or User identification number. Your teacher must be a registered user of Pathfinder Science to submit data. Ask your teacher for this information.

Your teacher should review the form and enter the password when you are ready to submit your data.

Sampling date:
This is the date that the interview occurred.

*Name of Immigrant:
This is optional information and is not required for the interview. Using a name helps you keep track of and organize your information. If the person being interview chooses not to use their name or does not want their name submitted, use your initials and a number to label each person. For example, SBC100 would be the first interviewee for me. My initials are SBC and I began my numbering with 100.

Date of immigration (mm/yyyy):
Please use the month and year that the immigrate arrived in the local community.

State and County immigrated to:
Please record the State and County of the local community. This is the destination of the emigration. It is not necessary to record the first arrival point in the country. We are interested in where the immigrant settled.

Age of immigrant on the date they arrived :

Sex of immigrant:

Reason for immigration:
For this research the reason for the immigration should be Push, Pull or Forced. Review the information in the Background area and use your best judgment, consulting with the interviewee, to determine which reason is appropriate.

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